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Ilye Figler


Welcome to the exciting Chess Kingdom!

This is the website of Ilye Figler, international master and chess coach in New York.

Check out games played by Ilye and his students.

Are you interested in improving your game? Why not take some lessons from Ilye and increase your rating!

In 2010, the Hunter High School chess team, coached by Ilye, got 1st place in the Super-Nationals championship. Ilye Figler has been coaching chess for well over 20 years.

In 2007, Figler tied for 1st place (4 way tie) in the World Open Masters' section. Some of his other achievements include winning the U2400 section in New York Open in 1998, being titled the Best American Master in 2000 with 99 Grand Prix Points, and becoming the state Chess Champion in three states (1997: NJ, 1998: MD, 2001: VA).

His highest rating in the USCF was 2400, as well as in FIDE. Ilye Figler is a FIDE master.