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Lessons with a master at extremely reasonable rates.
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If you want your children to learn in a fun environment, enroll them in a group their age. Our group rates are even more affordable!

Lessons with the Master


Yeah, you've heard about Ilye's chess rating and accomplishments. But it takes more than that to be a good chess teacher and coach. Ilye has over 20 years of experience teaching chess, and his students love him! His teaching methods have been proven to produce results by countless students.

Here is one example:


"Mr. Ilye Figler has been my chess teacher since March of 2001. At the time he began coaching me my rating was in the low 1600s but now, two and a half years later, it has increased to above 2000. He has helped me with my tactics, openings, middle game,endgame, and most importantly, my strategy. He is very thorough in his lessons and his constant enforcement of past lessons advanced me in my chess ability. His classes are fun and enjoyable and never seem to be boring. He interacts very well with the student and makes the lessons more of a participation exercise rather than a dictation. I can say that because of his help and teachings, I have been able to be the New Jersey State Representative for the Denker Tournament of High School Champions, a national competition between the winners from each state, two consecutive years. In addition I have been able to win the under 2000 section in the US Open as well as tie for the secondprize in a later year. Recently I won the under 2000 section at the NJ Open. Mr. Figler is an amazing teacher and I highly recommend that you consider investing in lessons withhim because if you have such a strong passion for the game like I do, he can help you become a better chess player!"


-- Wikram Premcumar
currently studying at Cornell University